The Heritage Emergency Response Initiative (HERI) created in Ukraine

The Heritage Emergency Response Initiative (HERI) is an initiative of Ukrainian museum experts that has been set up in response to Russia's aggression and encroachment on Ukraine's national and cultural identity.

The unit’s purpose is to promote the preservation of cultural heritage during wartime and its further post-crisis recovery.

The main priorities of the HERI’s operation are preparation for rapid response to emergencies under conditions of armed conflict, protection of museum collections from losses, conducting rescue operations, gathering and systematization of information on crimes against cultural heritage, coordination of actions between state/municipal authorities, museums, cultural institutions, the non-governmental sector and international organizations, aimed at salvaging and restoration of cultural heritage, as well as all offering humanitarian assistance to the extent possible.

The HERI’s operation and activities are coordinated with UNESCO, ICOM-Disaster Resilient Museums, ICCROM - conserving culture, promoting diversity and other national and international institutions and rescue initiatives.